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Directional Cue helps brands boost e-commerce results by executing a top-down business strategy. We integrate online sales channels with marketplaces like Amazon to keep our clients ahead of the curve.

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Our Process

Directional Cue works with retail brands to bridge the gap between traditional retail distribution and handling multiple sales channels. Our omni-channel distribution strategy can include everything from marketplace to direct sales and business-to-business.

A Top-Down Approach to Your Brand


We start with your business goals. Everything we do for your brand takes into account the holistic view of your company and works toward your objectives.


We take a holistic approach to managing brands’ supply chain to retain control of pricing, product and sales – and ultimately make more profit.


We execute your business strategy through Amazon and marketplace services, logistics consulting, e-commerce support and insightful analytics.


Your online channels encompass your e-commerce website, your wholesale distribution channels, as well as any online marketplaces, such as Amazon.

Our Services

Directional Cue offers strategic planning and consulting services for retail brands. With a marketplace-first strategy, we help our clients leverage the Amazon platform to drive growth, while simultaneously improving e-commerce and business strategy. Our services run the gamut from robust marketplace product listings to fully-managed 3PL, to smart A/B testing, clever creative, actionable analytics and more.


Paid Media

Sponsored products get your brand in front of more shoppers


Product pricing, conversion & management


Replenishment recommendations


Sales & product performance with actionable insights

Product Listings

Create, edit and optimize of product listings


Enhanced Brand Content, product images & more


Inventory Managing

Automated inventory replenishment


3PL facilitation, from setup to management


Product pick and pack & distribution

Profit Reporting

Logistics cost optimization and revenue analyzing

Smart Forecasting

Product planning based on revenue projections


Paid Media

PPC, social media and display ads


Increase on-site conversion using A/B testing & optimization


Email marketing and retargeting strategies


Insightful reporting with actionable insights


Site, blog, email and lander content strategy & execution


Website, email, lander & promotional design work



Insights for optimal stock levels and reorder points

Performance Automation

Track KPIs across all channels

Profit Reporting

Insights on true profitability, including COGs and fees

Marketing Attribution

Identify data patterns for smarter retail operations


Predictive analytics and revenue forecasting

Our Team

Our leadership team has the experience to help your business grow. We earned our digital marketing chops through years of working at retail companies. Directional Cue’s team prides ourselves on understanding retail brands from the inside out. We get what your company goes through and what it needs to succeed – because we’ve been there.

We work as an extension of each client’s business to help you reach your full potential in marketing and distribution. Unlike traditional agencies that tend to consider only parts of your business, Directional Cue moves with you. Your success is our success. We make money when you do.

Jason Roussos

Jason Roussos

Founder + CEO

Jason Roussos is an executive with over 17 years of experience in business development, e-commerce, technology, B2B & startups.

Cara Ferguson

Cara Ferguson

Director of Marketing

Cara Ferguson is a results-driven marketing professional with 12 years of experience in online marketing.


Abby Kaplan

Abby Kaplan

Content Marketing Manager

Abby Kaplan is a creative marketer who has worked as a Content and Design Strategist for several retail brands.


Jennifer Sayroo

Jennifer Sayroo

Marketing Manager

Jennifer Sayroo is an experienced marketer with a successful track record in building strong brand image, boosting online sales and improving the user journey.

Laura Perry

Laura Perry

Marketing Manager

A paid search expert with experience managing and optimizing all aspects of multiple lead generation and e-commerce SEM accounts, Laura Perry manages marketing strategy for Directional Cue clients.

Daniel Bellini

Daniel Bellini

Senior Software Developer

Daniel Bellini is an experienced Software Developer who creates and maintains Directional Cue’s proprietary Marketplace reporting solutions and supports client development projects.

Nathalie Cappione-Smith

Nathalie Cappione-Smith

Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Designer for Directional Cue, Nathalie Cappione-Smith creates compelling visual content for our clients and our consultancy to build brands and boost conversion.

Maureen Lomo

Maureen Lomo


Maureen Lomo is a published international novelist in addition to a skilled copywriter and contributor on Directional Cue’s creative team.
Kristen Hicks

Kristen Hicks


Kristen Hicks is a content writer and lifelong learner with an ongoing curiosity to learn new things. She uses that curiosity, combined with her years of experience in marketing and business to write about best practices in e-commerce for Directional Cue.
Trey Drake

Trey Drake

Software Developer

A seasoned professional with hands-on experience in all phases of software development, Trey acts as a consultant for Directional Cue consultancy.
Jason Bice

Jason Bice

UI Designer

An award-winning designer with over 15 years experience in eCommerce, Jason is skilled in all aspects of eCommerce marketing. At Directional Cue, he acts as a web consultant, influencing higher CR through optimized user interfaces.
Rick Lundbom

Rick Lundbom

Board Member

An e-commerce expert, as well as an accomplished investor and entrepreneur, Rick is on the board of Directional Cue and acts as a strategic business adviser.


We’re a seasonal company with very large growth goals. In a short time, Directional Cue was able to assess my brand’s current marketing position, then launch a coordinated Amazon, Facebook and Paid Search strategy from scratch that allowed our business to grow over 50%. I haven’t met a consulting firm like Directional Cue before that has a holistic view of how to help a brand scale.

I would highly recommend them.”

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